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Planed Logs

Laminated Logs

Round Logs

When you are considering a log house. The first thing to consider. . .

Must be the wood!

City Corner            Classic Corner            High Tec Corner           Short Corner

88 mm - 240 mm

Special Logs

Up to 270 x 265 mm

92 mm - 180 mm

140 mm - 240 mm

Log Types & Sizes




The Advantages of Polar Pine

Building Your Dream House or Cabin

Planning Permission Applications

As we have considerable experience of assembling timber frame or log houses and cabins we do offer a professional ‘shell build’ and ‘finish service. This means that we will assemble the house or cabin onto pre-prepared foundations, and then finish the build following other trades. Essentially we will erect and fit all timber parts supplied by us including external and internal walls, floors, ceilings, windows, doors and wooden trim and finish etc. We will mount the roof structures and felt and batten ready for covering. However, we have also learned that the cost of accommodation or travelling for a construction crew can be unacceptably high for some larger projects and in these instances the best solution may be for us to manage the construction on your behalf. This option allows us to use our experienced construction managers to advise or supervise when required or for us to Project Manage for you contracting carefully selected local companies or trade people. There are many options available, whether you are assembling a small garden cabin or constructing the largest house or commercial building. We will be pleased to discuss these options with you to arrive at the best possible way forward. Our priority is for your cabin or house to be completed perfectly, efficiently, and importantly, on time.

Having selected and graded the best quality wood. . .

The design and manufacture can begin

Every log we produce by Artichouse meets all quality standards. They are energy efficient, ecological and durable. Log walls are a homeowners as well as a builder’s dream. A log house is fast to set up and thanks to the qualities of the logs, the inside air in the residence remains healthy and constant all year round.  A wide selection of different log profiles and sizes guarantees that your log house or cabin gets the best possible build quality and the right look. And our corner designs include the ‘City Corner’ which makes it possible to build log houses in urban areas where planning departments may object to traditional cross corners.

Our professional staff and the strict quality control in our factory guarantee that every Artichouse has perfectly fitting and airtight log corners. We also manufacture Artichouse City Corners that make it

Strong Northern Wood

Pine that has grown in the harsh landscape of Scandinavia is an ideal building material. Trees grow very slowly in harsh environments. The short growing season produces a dense, even structure where the resin flows in narrow ducts. The conditions give the wood an ideal protection, a strong resistance and durability.  The pines that we approve for production meet all quality standards that guarantee a long-lived log or timber building. Pine is a first class building material. It is durable, extremely workable, beautiful and strong.

Sturdy wood: Great bending strength, compression strength and tensile strength.

Light but durable: Very light, and yet strong compared to its weight.

Less cracking: Properly selected and conditioned slow grown pine has less sapwood and very hard and dense heartwood. This means less twisting and cracking.

Once you have approved your house design the plans are uploaded to state of the art ‘computer controlled ‘Hundegger’ milling machines.  But even though these remarkable machines can cut, groove, plane, drill and chamfer wood to a tolerance of +/- 1 mm  experienced craftsmen continually quality check every piece.  And not only is every log quality controlled it is numbered and labelled to show it’s exact final position in the house. Precise instructions make precise construction.

Log Corners Designs

Corner joints are vitally important when building log cabins or houses. There is a wide choice available but not all of those offered on the market live up to their promises.  But thanks to decades of experience Artichouse log corners have proven their worth in thousands of applications.

Massive Log                                               Thermowall Outside                                Thermowall Inside                                        Double Log

Wall Types Available

Massive Log

A traditional wall solution, clean indoor air guaranteed.

Fast to build and low assembly costs compared to log walls with additional insulation.

ThermoWall Outside

Extra insulation reduces electricity costs and the internal log wall keeps the inside air quality good and clean.

Thermowall Inside

Inner insulation reduces your heating costs. An affordable house package but slower to build than the solid wall.

Double Log

A traditional German solution. Super strong and heavy. And the soundproofing is in a league of it’s own

Our log types are designed and manufactured to suit all possible construction and design situations. From massive ‘special’ logs to laminated, planed or round logs of varying sized according to the building, structural demands or customer preference. We will be happy to discuss the log types to agree on the best solution for each customer.  

However, please note that we are no longer specifying round log walls for residential buildings, or non-residential buildings that exceed 50 m2 of useable floor space unless that building does not use energy to condition the interior temperature.

It would be a naïve to suggest that building your own house or even a large log cabin would not be a challenge. But how much the excitement of your dream becomes a challenge depends on several factors. Planning Permission and Project Planning are almost always the ones that cause the most headaches and frustration, but once these hurdles are cleared you can look forward to getting started on actually building your dream.  If you are determined to completely self-build you are almost certainly going to need help at some time, or times. We do, of course provide very comprehensive assembly and build instruction with every house we supply, and there will always be expert help and advise available to you.

The vagaries of different local authorities and the complexity of planning laws will often make getting permission, where it’s needed, a bit frustrating. But we can help a great deal with this. For every house or cabin that we supply we can provide you with a complete Planning and Building Regulations pack if it is required. We also recommend that you visit The Planning Portal’, which is the official Government website where you will find all the information you may need in relation to your Planning application..