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Holiday Park & Mobile Homes

If you are looking for a permanent (mobile) home or Park Home. Or maybe considering new or replacement holiday rentals. You don’t have to settle for a light construction plastic clad caravan. Our mobile homes are are built with the same materials and to the same standards as our log cabins, solid, warm in winter, cool in summer, quiet and will last for many decades. But they are legally mobile homes for planning and VAT purposes.

Hartland Golf

Log Mobile Homes at  Hartland Golf Club Log Mobile Homes at  Hartland Golf Club Log Mobile Homes at  Hartland Golf Club Log Mobile Homes at  Hartland Golf Club Log Mobile Homes at  Hartland Golf Club

The County of Devon - beautiful and unique location. Located at its very heart, on the beautiful Hartland Forest golf course, are 56 inviting spacious Artichouse mobile homes for guests to rest and relax.  These attractive top-class standard equipped houses are made of planed 70mm x 160mm Articlogs with thermo walls. Each mobile home has three bedrooms, a living room, bathroom and a kitchen. The floor-to-ceiling windows offer a magnificent panoramic view over a scenic natural landscape.

Ziegelhütte Holiday Village

These stunning ‘Artichouse’ holiday homes are in the “Ziegelhütte” resort in Germany.  Eleven inviting, 70 m2 ‘Tunturi’ log homes provide a welcome home in all weathers, thanks to a fully glazed front gable and Artichouse thermo wall. The beautiful green forest is like a living painting in the big windows.

Beautiful chalets in the Wildkogel holiday region, right in the heart of the Kitzbühel Alps?  These 7 solid log homes offering between 95 and 140 square metres of floor space, visible intermediate floor joists, wooden flooring and thermo wall certainly guarantee visitors and guests a healthy environment in which to fully enjoy their holiday.

Kitzbühel. Austrian Alps

Wachendorf, Holiday Village

The first holiday village supplied by ‘Artichouse’ in the beautiful forests of Wachendorf, Germany.  Now maturing and blending in naturally with the surroundings and making idyllic holiday homes.

Holiday Village. Netherlands

This charming holiday set nestled in the Dutch countryside is recently inished and looking forward to it’s first visitors. Comfortable log lodges in a lovely country. The perfect holiday retreat.