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Bespoke & Custom

If your dream is for a completely unique log cabin or a special home or commercial building Artichouse can make it a reality. Just because you don’t see a design or model that is just what you want among our design collections, bring your ideas to us and our designers, architects and engineers will work with you, and your architects if you have one, to develop your sketch or vision into a cabin, a house, school or club room or commercial building.

The Order & Payment Process

When you have finally agreed the design of your cabin or house, the price has been decided and agreed and where necessary your planning application has been approved, you’ll be ready to place a purchase order. At this stage you will be asked to pay a deposit. This initial payment is asked for because the factory will be making a cabin or house that is exclusively yours. With any building we supply we provide a full set of drawings including foundations, plans and elevations and structural drawings, and the instructions manual required for the assembly or build.

During the manufacture of your cabin or house we will keep you up to date with progress and timelines established for the delivery and for construction of foundations. At 30 days before the scheduled delivery date you will be asked for a second part deposit. By this stage in the exciting process of buying your cabin or house we will know the due delivery date and maybe the base or foundations will be ready. Finally, before delivery to your site you will be asked for the balance of outstanding payments.

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Assembly & Building

Many customers request the assembly or construction of their cabin or house. As we have considerable experience of assembling, building and finishing log cabins and houses, we do of course offer a ‘shell build’ or ‘turn-key’ service. However, we have also learned that the cost of accommodation or travelling for a construction crew can be unacceptably high for many projects and in these instances the best solution is for us to manage the project on your behalf. This option allows us to use our experienced construction managers to advise or supervise when required and for us to directly sub-contract the build to carefully selected local companies or trade people, or to work closely with you if you wish to manage the project yourself  There are many options available, whether you are assembling a small garden cabin or constructing the largest house or commercial building. We will discuss these options with you to arrive at the best possible way forward. Our priority is for your cabin or house to be completed perfectly, efficiently, and importantly, on time.

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Delivery Notes

Shipments from Artichouse in Finland are on 40’ HGV trucks, overland to the continental port and then by ferry to be landed in the UK. From here it will be carried to the construction site. Alternatively delivery direct from Finland to the construction site or customer storage can be agreed.  In either case it is important that shipments are checked against the delivery lists provided and any suspected shortage or damage reported to us as soon as possible. In the case of panel construction houses it is essential that craneage is on site to offload the vehicle. The shipping and handling costs charged will include the required costs for offloading panels during construction. In other cases one hour is allowed for off-loading unless longer is agreed. Delivery charges will make allowance for, and include, handling and any secondary transport to difficult or remote locations.

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Planning Permission. (Plans & Drawings)

If your log cabin or house requires planning permission we can provide you with a complete set of plans and elevation drawings to the scale specified by your local authority planning department. We can also supply all structural drawings and calculations, U-Values and stress and loading calculations where required for your Building Regulations compliance. In some circumstances, if we provide commercial design, planning or drawing services before you have ordered your house or building there may be a fee payable for them; but anything you may pay will be deducted from future payments when planning permission is granted and you are ready to place an order.

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Example images of log house construction. Methods and detail will differ depending on the cabin or house specification and design.





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